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Ghostwriter Required To Apologise For Not Posting On Blog – London/Internet

Posted in Poetry, Writing & Spoken Word on May 3, 2012 by Not Real Arts Jobs

Job: Writer / Blogger
Artform: Grovelling
Paid?: For blogging?
Location: Internet

So, yeah, basically I started the blog as – you know – a chance to get my thoughts out about, like, TV and politics and stuff, but I just got really busy with work, and dating Alison, so I thought “Shit, I haven’t posted on my blog in ages” and then I thought “I should apologise for that”.

But then I thought “I haven’t really got time to apologise for that because of the work thing and the Alison thing”, so that sucked.

But then I thought “Why do I need to apologise? It’s not like there’s some kind of rule about how often you need to write on a blog, is there?”

But then Alison said “Why don’t you ever write on your blog anymore? When we were first dating, I saw your posts and it made me want to get to know you, and… you know, you have a really unique view on Game of Thrones that really needs to get out there”.

And I said “Yeah, I do, but… you know, the work thing and… you know, we’re dating and everything… and it just seems a bit… I don’t know…”

And Alison said “Well…”

And I said “Yeah…”

And then she said “Hmm…”

And I said “You know…”

I love her so much. She’s so encouraging.

So yeah, if you could write an apology for why I haven’t blogged recently, I’ll post it up.

I think Game of Thrones is pretty good.

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