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Mezze required for Close Harmony Group – Winchester

Posted in Music on May 2, 2011 by Not Real Arts Jobs

Job: Mezze
Artform: Close-harmony music, and the fuelling thereof
Paid?: Yes, with a generous 15% tip
Location: Winchester

Following a tough gig, close harmony group The Unlimiteds have a role in their team available to a wide-ranging mezze dinner.

The Unlimiteds are a five-part harmony group, singing an uptempo mix of jazz standards, musical theatre, and the occasional cheeky cover version! As you might imagine, it’s hungry work.

The vacancy in The Unlimiteds must be filled by a range of small and tasty dishes of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean origin. For the vacancy is in their tummies.

The applicant must have an excellent sense of hummus-to-bread ratio, good experience with those tasty little kebabs, and must be a great source of ideas, especially if those ideas include “How about some more tabbouleh?”

Please send in a CV sellotaped to a tupperware full of baba ghanoush, by way of reference. We look forward to meeting you.

And then eating you.

Apply to NRAJ Box 35