New Country Required For Entire UK Arts Industry – Global

Job: Country
Artform: All
Paid?: A little respect would be nice
Location: Anywhere but here

The entire UK Arts industry is looking for a new country to reside in, following the election of a Conservative coalition government.

That’s right, folks! We’re shipping out! All of us. Apart from Michael Caine.

We’re looking for somewhere to ply our various trades – somewhere where arts subsidy isn’t replaced with non-existent private benefactors, somewhere where we can operate without futile attempts to trim our admin budget, and somewhere where the BBC is not treated as Rupert Murdoch’s whipping boy.

Also, somewhere warm.

Some may accuse us of being rats abandoning a double-dipping ship. Those people are correct. See you guys in four years!

Please apply to NRAJ Box 28

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