Performers Required For Devised Piece – Leeds

Job: Devising Performers x 11
Artform: Theatre
Paid?: With what?
Location: Leeds

We are looking for eleven brilliant performers for our new piece “Cardboard Roundabout”.

You must be able to devise freely, giving us lots of material that our writers can then take and claim as their own. You will be developing a script over a five-day period, for which you will be unpaid. Rehearsals will then take place later this year, in which you will not neccessarily take part. This is an excellent opportunity for you.

Auditions will take place for the unpaid devising period, for which we would like you to embody one of the following roles. Please try to pick a role that other people might not have picked.


CONRAD (male, 52, any accent)
He cannot believe how lucky he is to be working on this play. Makes constant inappropriate sexual advances.

LULU (female, 60ish, Cornish/Devonshire accent)
Easily offended. Works as a baker. Smooth skin, but getting on a bit. Secretly homophobic.

ALISON (male, 19, Welsh Catholic)
Loud, colourful, impulsive. Morally right, but annoying. His goal in life is to never die.

JODFREY (male, late twenties, Scottish)
High-pitched voice, with a Scottish burr which he has attempted unsuccessfully to transform into a cockney twang. He thinks he has hidden depths, but really he is very stupid, like most Scotch.

ELIZABETH (female, any age, Dutch)
Childhood girlfriend of that film maker who got murdered by radicals. Emotional, but not vindictive. Carries a trombone.

ISLAM (male, 20s, Islamic)
Believes the radicals were right to murder that Dutch film-maker. Cannot whistle. Big feet.

PRIVATE DONNY G (male, 20s, Lancaster accent, TO BE PORTRAYED BY female, 50s)
Overtly racist aspiring musician. Proactive and in your face. Suffers terrible guilt about mistreating women. Was he a soldier? Yes, he was a soldier. In Afghanistan, probably. Plagued by flashbacks and has turned to heavy drinking/swearing.

MR POOLSIDE (male, 40, any accent)
Man who reads too many books. Suspicious around sauces and table condiments.

EBOLA (female, 30s, London accent)
One of those really irritating “free spirited” characters who only exist in the minds of mediocre playwrights. A busker. Pseudo-spiritual. Over-familiar with everyone.

SOME GUY (male, ageless, timeless)
We don’t know who this guy is, but we think he might be important. Gravelly voice. Happy when indulging in fantasy.

A COMBINE HARVESTER (gender unspecific, 5, metal)
Good at threshing grain, but bad at maintaining relationships. Large teeth.

Please apply to NRAJ Box 27

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