Non-Formal Learning Co-ordinator / Formal Learning Co-ordinator – Deptford

Job: Non-Formal Learning Co-ordinator / Formal Learning Co-ordinator
Artform: Arts-based learning
Paid?: Flexible (by negotiation)
Location: Deptford

The Bamborough Arts Institute in Deptford is looking for a Non-Formal Learning Co-ordinator to mastermind educational opportunities for young people and adults around our comprehensive arts collection.

We are also looking for someone to do the same, whilst wearing a bow-tie.

It is an exciting opportunity to establish learning pathways with young people and adults, some of whom come from the most impoverished areas  in the South-East. Our programmes enable everyone to use art to facilitate their learning in a way that suits each individual – either through discussion, imaginative exercises and creative response to artistic works; or through inflexible textbook copying at the end of a disciplinarian slipper.

You will work with key external partners to develop methods of delivering access to people who would not traditionally turn to the Bamborough art collection for learning, and encourage them to participate in our programme – either by cooking them a cake and having a pyjama party; or by slapping them hard across their stupid faces, barking obscenities into their wide, cow-like eyes, and demanding ever-increasing amounts of sit-ups that they must do to prove their worth.

Please send either a typed CV with full job history and two references, or a picture of your face made with Fuzzy Felt.

Please apply to NRAJ Box 26

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