This Job Advert Is Definitely Not A Coded Message To A Spy – Barnstaple

Job: Someone to help. Just someone to help.
Artform: Criticism / Observation / Surveillance
Paid?: Your usual rate.
Location: You are currently in Barnstaple. This may change.

Are you interested in the CINEMA OF THE BAHAMAS? We need someone OUT THERE as soon as possible.

The FILM DIRECTOR is premiering his new FILM on the subject of ILLEGAL NUCLEAR WEAPONS. We need someone to go to this BLACK TIE event and sample the CANAPES.

Of course, in Nassau, APRIL IS A SPRING MONTH. So take a CLEAN SHIRT.

Make haste. We, and the whole world, are depending on you.

To… uh… tell us about the Cinema of the Bahamas.

Apply to NRAJ Box 17

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