Early Years Storyteller Requiredywiredy – Exeter

Job: Storyteller
Artform: Storytelling
Paid?: Oooh, aren’t you GROWN-UP, asking a question like that?
Location: Exeter

HEWWO! Wook at you, aww appwying for a job! How CUTE are you?!

We are looking for someone to tell ickwul STORIES to little girls and boys about FAIRIES and MICE and women living in SHOES OR GOURDS.

And when you speak the stories out loud, sometimes your voice will go ALL HIGH LIKE A MOUSE or all gruff and grumpy like a mean old troll who doesn’t want the nice little lady to LIVE IN HIS GOURD. And sometimes you will act the story out with ickwul puppets, or with ickwul toys, or with an ACTUAL REAL LIFE GOURD.

Do you have an ickwul CRB clearance? That would be NICE THANKYOU.

HOORAY! Would you like some ice-cream? Or to give us two WEFWENCES?

And some kind of caweewer histowy to demonstwate your expewience working with childwen?

And then you can come to our BIRTHDAY PARTY (by which we mean “school”). And you can take away an exciting PARTY BAG (by which we mean “a monthly paycheque and participation in our school pension scheme”).

We look forward to hearing from you and SEEING HOW MUCH YOU’VE GROWN.

Apply to NRAJ Box 18

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