URGENT: For The Love Of God, Give David Tennant A Job – Anywhere

Job: Yes please
Artform: David Tennant
Paid?: At this point, it doesn’t even matter.
Location: Anywhere. He has a car. HE WILL DRIVE TO YOU.

This is an URGENT MESSAGE. You know David Tennant, right? Up until recently he was Doctor Who. Now, he URGENTLY needs a job.

I am David Tennant’s agent, and it is imperative that he at least gets one decent job before the new guy starts on Saturday.

I’m trying to think of a decent analogy… Okay, imagine you’ve broken up with someone, and then they say they’re coming round to dinner with their new boyfriend… you need to have a new boyfriend too, right? Right. Well, it’s like that. Doctor Who has a new boyfriend (Matt Smith), and poor David is left with NOTHING. Not even that American pilot that didn’t get picked up.

Besides, did you not HEAR? His last words as Doctor Who were “I don’t want to go”! Have pity on the man, for Rassilon’s sake!

Theatre, telly… he’s done it before, and he can do it again. He’ll even try film, although St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Curly’s Gold didn’t do so well, and he was only in Harry Potter for about five seconds. HAVE PITY ON HIM!

Remember! David Tennant! He’s the skinny one! He has HAIR! How can someone like this be unemployable. Shit, at this rate, he’s going to be the one doing voiceovers on Little Britain in ten years’ time.

Please give generously. David needs a job by Saturday, and I need a break. He is calling me night and day. Night and day.

Apply to NRAJ Box 12

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