Well-Meaning Theatre Co Requires Deaf Demographic Covered By Signer

Job: Sign Language Interpreter
Artform: Theatre
Paid?: The production is run on a profit-share basis. So no.
Location: Edinburgh Fringe

Ocean Motion Theatre are looking to make their 2010 Edinburgh Fringe show appeal to that tricky deaf demographic, and so are looking for a sign-language interpreter.

Following their children’s show “Homeless Whale Meets Choking Swan” (which introduced children to the issues of Homelessness, Whaling, Littering and Swan Anatomy), the actor-writer-director-producer of Ocean Motion Theatre (Mark Rambuteau) is looking to again tackle some big issues. “Atheist Afghanistan Suffragettes With Poor Circulation Battle Poverty On The Wheat Field Full Of Landmines” is a play which skews slightly more adult in its demographic, whilst still being a family-friendly production.

It asks each audience member, “If you were a woman denied the vote by an oppressive Afghani regime, yet you did not believe in the God that everyone else did, and you were so poor that you had to thresh grain on a field which had been booby-trapped with landmines – and you constantly had cold fingers – what would you do?”

Ocean Motion are looking for a sign-language interpreter so that we can open the show to the widest amount of people possible, and get some more deaf bums on seats.

You will have a BSL qualification of at least Level III, experience signing for live theatre, and sympathy for the issues raised by the play. All of them.

It is important that the sign-language interpreter sticks closely to the text. Our friend Nigel, who is hearing-impaired, says that sometimes the sign-language interpreter for plays throws in sarcastic comments about the stage action, or “starts improvising”, and let us assure you that that’s not on. Mark is aware he is going bald, and no amount of snidey sign-language backchat is going to change that.

The production is profit-share, so assume you aren’t getting paid. We will, however, let you sleep on the floor of the flat at a reduced rent of £300. You could bring an air-bed or something.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Ocean Motion family. And if you don’t get accepted, come and see the show, bring your friends, and BUY TICKETS. BUY TICKETS. BUY TICKETS TO REDUCE MY DEBT. BUY TICKETS.

Apply to NRAJ Box 9

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