Drag Musical Requires Costume Assistant / Fluffer – Manchester

Job: Costume Assistant, plus other assistance IF YOU GET MY DRIFT
Paid?: What am I? Your MOTHER?
Location: Manchester

Hello darlings. I’m Sandy Dimmock, the writer and STAR of the new musical version of the film Erin Brockovich, which I have called “Erin Brockovich: The Musical”. I need a Costume Assistant for the theatrical run, and may also WINK WINK need some other COUGH COUGH NUDGE assistance. I THINK YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

In “Erin Brockovich: The Musical”, I play Erin Brockovich, a fabulous single mother with amazingly clear skin who works in a law firm A BIT LIKE LEGALLY BLONDE. She then discovers that a VERY NAUGHTY company is contaminating the water of a village and so Erin battles the Corporation in court and IN SONG before she – SPOILERS!!!! – wins. OOOH.

It features songs like “Unemployed & Underfed (I Haven’t Had A Sausage In Days)”, “There’s Something In My Drink, Mum” and “I Thought You Said ‘Pro Bono’, Albert Finney”. I know I wrote it, but I think it is AMAZING.

I have nine costume changes in the hour-long show, from fabulous trailer trash chic with sequins, to fabulous legal trouser-suit chic, WITH SEQUINS.

I will need you to help me in AND OUT of these costumes quickly and efficiently.

I BET YOU HAVE HAD PRACTICE, YOU NAUGHTY THING. And actually, experience is required. I like my men experienced. I DO.

And as previously COUGH stated, I may need some NUDGE OOOH other type AHEM WHOOP WHOOP WINK of POUT POUT NUDGE help. OOOH. I couldn’t possibly say what, but I think you HAVE SOME IDEAS. WHOOP! OOOH. POUT WINK WINK COUGH.

Apply to NRAJ Box 10

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