Bass Player Required To Groove Our Shit – Peterborough

Job: Bass Player
Artform: Music
Paid?: Once we get our record contract.
Location: Peterborough

What is up? We are STONEGAuGE, a rocking 4-piece band looking to take things to Tha Next Level. To do that, we need a maestro of the four-string bass to groove our shit all to pieces!

We play melodic indie with a twist – we mix soul with our rock to make a truly unique sound that has never been heard before. Our influences range from the Stereophonics all the way to Snow Patrol. We experiment with sound, texture, flavour, scent, to make something fresh, original and creative. We can be soft, or hard, or loud, or quiet. We can be romantic, or grope you.

At the moment, our line-up is made up of Kevin R on guitar, Kevin S on guitar, Stooberry McCastillobraxx (Stu) on guitar, and “Big” Kev B on drums. “Big” Kev B also owns the garage we rehearse in.

We decided to be in a band when we were jamming in the Healing Fields at Glastonbury, and we hope one day to return to Glastonbury and play an actual tent.

You must be a professional, committed bassist, willing to rehearse four days a week. NO TIMEWASTERS. We are on the brink of something beautiful here. And that beautiful thing is a record contract, followed by money, and glittering fame. But we only get there by hard work, and you can’t do hard work when you’re a wage slave for The Man. Give it all up, and come join STONEGAuGE! That’s what Kevin S did. The rest of us never succumbed to the temptations of the cash.

Our MySpace is under development, so at the moment you can’t hear our demo. Trust us – it’s something pretty amazing. Come and see our shows. Your mind will be blown!

STONEGAuGE – Where The Rock Will Groove The Roll(tm).

NB. All applications from total pricks will be rejected.

Apply to NRAJ Box 11

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