Totally Hot Girl required for Short Film – London

Job: Totally Hot Girl
Artform: Film (Short)
Paid?: Not exactly…
Location: London

Talk To The Hand Films (Michael Grickory and Bryn Evans) are looking for a Totally Hot Girl to hang around the set of our new short film “Geezerbread Men”.

The film is the story of two lifelong criminal friends (played by Mike and Bryn) who have many conversations on subjects like why they do crime, the nature of existence, who is more gay, and whether they would like to shoot Emu from Rod Hull and Emu (the answer is yes). We’re really influenced by late-’90s gangster films like Lock Stock, which were really influenced by ’70s gangster films, so that must mean we’re influenced by them as well.

We’re looking for a Totally Hot Girl to be in the film. There’s no role for the Totally Hot Girl in the film, but maybe she could be hanging around at the back of shot when Mike and Bryn’s characters are talking.

Actually, no, I’ve just thought. Mike and Bryn’s characters have a Totally Hot cleaner who cleans their flat, and so you can be in the background dusting or something while Mike and Bryn are talking about the time they went bowling and whether that is as good as shooting people (the answer is no). Anyway, Mike and Bryn wrote the film, so you can negotiate the part you want. It’s just nice to have a Totally Hot Girl on-set.

If you are lucky, and Totally Hot enough, then you could also date either Mike or Bryn, who are both currently single. You could choose your favourite of the two, but it will probably be Mike as I am the looker of the two of us.

We may accept more than one Totally Hot Girl if competition is fierce, and in that situation, you may be required to battle for our affections. Probably at Laser Quest.

Apply to NRAJ Box 7

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