Technophobic Theatre Director Needs One Of Those Website Things Made For Him

Job: Technophobic Theatre Director Needs One Of Those Website Things Made For Him
Artform: Theatre
Paid?: I suppose so. I have £100. Is that good for a website? I don’t know!
Location: Internet

Look, let’s be honest about this upfront, I’m a theatre director. I don’t know anything about the internet. That isn’t what I got into this for. I just wanted to direct plays and then put those plays on a stage and get paid for it. Now everyone’s telling me “Charles, you should get a website!” and I say to them “I don’t know what a fucking website is, it sounds like somewhere a spider lives!” and then they look at me with a surprising amount of anger in their eyes.

So I want a website made with some information about the plays I make on them. I have lots of acetates and slides of information, as well as old posters and programmes. I also have some photos from rehearsals. Can you put photos on a website? How do you attach them? Or stick them up? Is it like a notice-board, but on a screen? Do I have to pay a TV licence to look at the website?

And I suppose it should have some twitty thing on it or maybe a facebook. I will never use it, though. So maybe I shouldn’t. I don’t know! I’m a bit lost with all this.

I think it should be blue, though. Is blue allowed as a colour?

Could you tell me what I need please? Genuinely. Tell me. What do I need? I honestly haven’t got a fucking clue what I need.

Apply to NRAJ Box 5

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