Someone with a car, Going To Devon Productions – Yorkshire

Job: Someone with a car
Artform: Driving
Paid?: I will buy you some Pringles for the car, and maybe some Extra Strong Mints
Location: Now, Yorkshire. Soon, Devon.

I am Alistair, the Artistic Director of Going To Devon Productions. We make really good art in pretty much all genres, but especially the genres you like. So if, for example, you liked sculpture, then we make really good sculpture.

We’re looking for someone with a car to take the important position in the company of Someone With A Car, the main duties of which are driving me (Alistair) to Devon, and maybe putting on the mix tape I made.

It is important that you do not think that I am just trying to get to Devon from Yorkshire for – for example – a holiday with my brother. No, this is a piece of art, and when I get to Devon we will also make some art, my brother and me, probably out of sand on one of Devon’s many attractive beaches.

Must have access to car (own if possible) and be able to drive it to Devon.

It is important that you reply to this. I predict big things are about to happen with my company. Be in at the start of something amazing!

Apply to NRAJ Box 3

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