Artistic Actioner – London

Job: Artistic Actioner, Loopy Pie Productions, London
Artform: Theatre
Paid?: £9k – Full time
Location: London

Loopy Pie Productions is creatively transforming the dementia experience.

Following our plays “Crazy Men Tell No Tales” and “Batshit on a Hot Tin Roof”, Loopy Pie are continuing to push the boundaries of the kind of crazy theatre the chemically inbalanced can make. And watch!

From howling operettas to broad farcical slapstick, every single project we have made up until now made you, our audience, very very uncomfortable indeed whilst our practitioners writhe in varying states of undress and pour honey in your shoes. Eventually, because there is honey in your shoes, you yourself join in for the experiential experience and end up licking the wall. We’re looking for someone to continue that great work.

We’re looking for a new Artistic Actioner, who can action some art in an action-filled and arty way. As well as a CV, we’d like to see a pitch document of a project that you can imagine Loopy Pie making. It should be in excess of 2000 words, and should be written on slices of Kingsmill Bread. Because we’re hungry.

Remember – both performers and audience at this kind of thing are completely loopy pie, so make sure all your pitches don’t make a fucking bit of sense.

Good luck!

Apply to NRAJ Box 1

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